50 Olympic Events You Won’t See At London 2012

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The Olympic Games are one hell of a spectacle and this isn’t something that’s going to change anytime soon. If you’re anything like us, you’re already excited beyond reasonable levels for the kick-off of the 2012 Games! It’s the third time London has played host and it is going to be a magnificent occasion.

Obviously the world is coming together to compete on the track, in the pool, at the velodrome, in the gymnastics arena and on any number of different types of pitch. And across all these we’re pretty confident we’re going to know what to expect and exactly what’s going on. This hasn’t always been the case though as a look back at the Games prior to World War II shows…

Weird and wonderful events ahoy! If you were a sailor and you could swim there is an event for you. If you were good at swimming around things, there was event for that also. There was also an event for those good at swinging Indian clubs, whatever that was…

This infographic was put together by Find Me A Gift, who can’t wait for London 2012 to get going! To see the original just click here.

How to Obtain the Cisco CCNP Service Provider Certification

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The CCNP Service Provider certification is Cisco’s professional level certification for the service provider track. Due to the additional amount of responsibilities and technical expertise that are required of technicians holding this certification, Cisco does have some prerequisites to obtaining the CCNP Service Provider certification. Before a technician is eligible to take the certification exams, they must hold a CCNA Service Provider, CCIP, or CCIE certification. If a candidate has a CCNA (R&S) and has passed at least one CCIP exam, they are also eligible to take the CCNP Service Provider exams.

Once the prerequisites have been met, candidates must pass four exams. Those exams are 642-883, 642-885, 642-887, and 642-889. Cisco offers the following training courses to candidates who wish to improve their score: “Deploying Cisco Service Provider Network Routing (SPROUTE),” “Deploying Cisco Service Provider Advanced Routing (SPADVROUTE),” “Implementing Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Core Network Services (SPCORE),” and “Implementing Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Edge Network Services (SPEDGE).” In addition to Cisco’s training courses, TestsLive offers exam preparation that may be helpful in improving scores on certification exams.

To do well on the Cisco CCNP Service Provider certification exams, candidates must possess the knowledge and skills necessary for network professionals to deliver carrier-grade infrastructures. These infrastructures must be scalable and capable of rapid expansion. Individuals holding this certification must be able to design products which can support the introduction of improved services and customer requirements.